COME AND HAVE FUN, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK (11.00am - 8.00pm) Open all 7 days. * Socks and masks are compulsory for all kids and adults

What's on at the "No Homework" classroom?

Hop n Bop is also the first play area in the city to fuse play with learning. Through an array of well-curated classes that will be conducted at the “No Homework” classroom, kids get a chance to acquire new skills, expand their knowledge and learn something new everyday. These classes will help enhance their cognitive growth and will span across academic education, hobbies and extra-curricular activities.

Messy Play with Toddlers every Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5:15-6:15pm for Kids aged 22months-3years
Charges: Rs 2500+tax for 4 sessions

*Pre Registrations Only
*Classes are sunject to cancellation, kindly call at the desk 02266197400/01 for booking your spot

Music enhances concentration in toddlers.
We bring to all mommies a unique class to bond with your tiny tots over rhymes, music and story telling.

Class Details:-
Age : 6 months - 15 months
Tuesday : 4pm - 5pm
Charges : Rs 6500/- plus tax
Duration : 3 months, 12 sessions.

Messy play

Children love to get muddy, covered in paint and jelly when playing...we call this Messy Play! Play is essential for their cognitive, social, creative and fine motor development.
Messy Play can help develop children's senses as they explore the different textures of materials.
So come to Hop n Bop and let not your fears stop the little ones from having their share of fun! We're ready to get down and dirty!

Batch 1
Monday : 5pm - 6pm
Age : Below 2years
Duration : 3 months - 12 sessions

Batch 2
Tuesdays : 4pm - 5pm
Age : Above 2years
Duration : 3 months - 12 sessions